Manila2D Update 19b/21 all-in-one installer

For informations about the Automated M2D Install creator check below!

The update 21 version still uses the patched M2D from update18, so It might not contain the lates fixes / may contain additional bugs. 19b is considered the stable version!

This cab will install M2D on an Samsung Omnia i9xx

This installer includes: SharedDLL, Contactfix, HTC Album, Audiomanager, Outlook enhancements, Google Maps, Manila 2d (update 19b) + patch, MBarivan touchflo skin, youtubeplay, album and audiomanager fix.

This installer does not include: Comm Manager, PsiDOC Wifi-all

Current issues found so far (after a hard reset on a mostly-clean HL2 ROM):

The latest version uses a fake CommManager which will run Favorite Settings instead of Opal Commmanager. Because Favorite Settings is made for the Omnia, you should use it. (it's included in the HL2 ROM, but you can find cab version @MoDaCo. If you do want to use CommManager though, you may simply install Opal Commanager on top of this release.

Setup guide

  1. Hard reset (might not be nescessary, but you need at least 20MB of program and device memory)
  2. Disable everything on the today screen
  3. Install opera if not installed (15233 should work fine)
  4. Install Manila2D 19b all-in-one by
  6. Set the theme and background (optional)
  7. Soft reset (might be optional, but advised)
  8. Enable Touchflo on the today screen
  9. Enjoy (optional)

This cab is shown to work on most Omnia's, but some of its features might not work for you! The most important features should work though!

For ROM cookers

SYAKR 0.9 task pack 2 contains an M2D19b task which you might use to cook M2D into your ROM. The M2D directory in M2DAIO Install Creator is fine too, but it lacks skins, simply add a skin and cook.

Manila2D Install Creator

This application will let you create a custom Manila2D All-in-one installer.


  1. Download the package
  2. Extract it to a directory
  3. Download a skin for M2D (MobileMatt themes should work fine for example)
  4. Copy the contents of the skin in the M2D directory.
  5. Edit the HTCHomeSettings.xml (optional)
  6. Run Create_Manila2D_installer.bat
  7. If everything goes well you'll get a Copy to your device and install. See Manila2D U19b All-in-one install guide if unsure
  8. Enjoy


Manila2D automated install creator 0.1

Manila2D 19b all-in-one by

Initial release